As part of World Mental Health Day, the Foundation is kicking off its "Open your box" campaign! 

Mental health disorders are still (unfortunately) a taboo subject! 

However, the last few months have clearly shown us that people suffer from them on a daily basis, including children and teenagers.

We must break down prejudices, we must open our minds and, above all, we must "OPEN OUR BOX"! 

This is why the Fondation de l'Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal is launching its "Open your box" campaign.

Get a BEQ (Boîte Entièrement Québécoise) just in time for the holiday season.

All proceeds will be donated to the Foundation to help it pursue its mission: to change the lives of thousands of people affected by mental health through prevention, awareness, scientific research and social reintegration.


This box is totally gourmet and 100% Quebecois and will take you on a real culinary tour of the province. It is perfect to offer as a gift to a loved one, a colleague or to yourself. 


Your teenager will take a break from the screen with this gift box! The excitement and mystery of an escape game, but at home!  The teen box contains a game box with 4 different adventures with varied and fun themes: "Prison Break", "Virus", "Nuclear Alert" and "Temple of the Aztecs". Perfect for a night out with your teens or family, along with a surprise snack! 


Lots of local products that will please the little ones! On the menu: toys, board games, pixie dust, cookie mix, temporary tattoos, candy bags and much more! 

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