Each year, the Foundation awaits the first signs of snow to launch a call for candidates for its André Lemieux and François Castonguay prizes.

François Castonguay Prize

The prize, whereby the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and the Foundation recognize the remarkable contribution of François Castonguay, the president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, underlines the exceptional progress of one of the Institute’s patients towards full citizenship and in regaining control over their lives.

The François Castonguay Prize, which is awarded every year to one or more patients, comes with a certificate of appreciation and a bursary the value of which can reach $5,000.

2017 Laureates

André Lemieux Prize

The prize, which can reach up to $5,000 and which was named in honour of a former managing director of the Institute, rewards an employee who has made an exceptional contribution to the notoriety and development of the Institute. This year, the laureate will be awarded a bursary that will enable the winner to register and to participate in a seminar, convention or training session that will help in their personal and professional development. 


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