The D-Stigma Circle for Future Generations Poised for Take-Off

1 March 2017

On February 8th 2017, a cocktail reception under the honorary presidency of Mr. Andrew Molson was held to mark the launch of the D-Stigma Circle for Future Generations of the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal Foundation.

Over a hundred guests gathered in the offices of National Public Relations to meet ten young professionals who have chosen to join forces with the Foundation in order to improve the daily lives of people who suffer from mental illness.

Mr. Jérôme Dussault, a founding member of D-Stigma and spokesman for the group during the cocktail reception, took the opportunity during his speech to define the committee’s role: “By organizing fund-raising activities aimed specifically at young people, we seek to combat enduring prejudices, to ensure that the Foundation’s mission statement resounds with young people and ultimately to encourage the involvement of future generations of philanthropists.”

Mz. Carole Morin, the Foundation’s Managing Director, who has been closely involved in the creation of this group for several months now, looks favourably on the involvement of these dynamic and committed young professionals: “They have the skills, both in terms of leadership and communications, to become ambassadors for our cause in their respective organizations and in the population at large.”

Mr. Martin Gagnon, the president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, offered reassuring words to the members of the D-Stigma Circle: “The Board of Directors will do everything possible to ensure that this new professional adventure is an enjoyable, fulfilling experience for you and that, above all, we will make it possible for you to contribute to the advancement of a cause in which you truly believe.”  

The Dignity Fund-Raising Gala, a first tangible gesture

The members of the D-Stigma Circle for Future Generations announced its first fund‑raising event on behalf of the Foundation. The D-Stigma Circle invites you to pencil in the date of June 16th, 2017 and to attend the very first Dignity Fund-Raising Gala, a fashion show where several well-known Quebec designers will present their new collections.

The funds raised during this event will be used to furnish a transitional apartment in the Paul-Pau Residence at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal. The project will allow younger patients at the Institute to benefit from six months of specialized supportive care that will help them transition to life in an apartment. The D‑Stigma Circle for Future Generations is proud to be able to help young people to develop new skills and carry out their long-term projects.


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