Prizes and bursaries 2016

15 May 2016


Desjardins Bursary

The $5,000 bursary, which is awarded every year with a major contribution from Desjardins, a long-time partner of the Foundation, is awarded to a young practitioner or researcher who has created a project that offers significant benefits to the Institute’s clientele.

2016 Laureates

This year, Isabelle Moretti and Katheuryne Grefford, two occupational therapists who created the project Entendeurs de voix (Hearing Voices) in collaboration with the Alternative community group, were awarded the prize. This partnership makes it possible for those people who hear voices to get access to the appropriate services without having to officially register with the Institute’s clinics. 

The meetings of the group allow participants to have access to an environment where they are able to confide in and talk to other people who suffer with similar problems. Participating in such activities has several benefits. Members learn how to deal with their emotions better, how to create a social network and how to break out of their isolation because they know that they are not alone and that others are in situations that are very similar to theirs. During the meetings, participants are also provided with tools and exercises that help them understand the voices they hear and reduce stress in their daily lives.


André Lemieux Prize

The prize, which can reach up to $5,000 and which was named in honour of a former managing director of the Institute, rewards an employee who has made an exceptional contribution to the notoriety and development of the Institute. This year, the laureate will be awarded a bursary that will enable the winner to register and to participate in a seminar, convention or training session that will help in their personal and professional development.

2016 Laureate

This year, the prize was awarded to Luc Legris for his unparalleled commitment to mental health.

Luc joined the Institute in 2005 as a clinical consultant and since then his achievements are impressive. He has led several innovative projects, in particular, the creation of a clinical support structure, the creation of the group “Reprendre pouvoir” (Taking Back Power), the creation of the peer-helper relationship and the elaboration of a frame of reference for psychosocial rehabilitation. Luc is also the cofounder of the IUSMM-St-Camille in Benin partnership and the coauthor of the book Créer des liens pour briser des chaines.

These accomplishments show that Luc is an influential member of the community who contributes in a remarkable way to mental health awareness. This brief overview of his impressive professional career proves the extent to which he takes to heart the recovery of people with mental health disorders.  The success of Luc’s projects demonstrates his commitment to the Institute and its clients.



François Castonguay Prize

The prize, whereby the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and the Foundation recognize the remarkable contribution of François Castonguay, the president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, underlines the exceptional progress of one of the Institute’s patients towards full citizenship and in regaining control over their lives.

The François Castonguay Prize, which is awarded every year to one or more patients, comes with a certificate of appreciation and a bursary the value of which can reach $5,000.

2016 Laureates

Jean-Michel has been at the Institute since 2013 and his progress has been impressive. He arrived in a state of great disorganisation during his first hospital stay. However, he succeeded, with continued efforts, in taking back control of his life and in rebuilding his living environment with determination and courage.

Jean-Michel became involved as a patient-partner in several activities and the leadership and perseverance that he showed at all times truly stood out. Even today, he has a positive attitude and is keenly motivated and shows extraordinary commitment despite all the obstacles he has had to face. 

Now that he has gone back to work, he is a real source of inspiration and pride for all the professionals who played a role in his recovery. His medical team has both great admiration and enormous respect for Jean-Michel.

Tamara, our second laureate, is a young, 31-year old woman who has shown a great deal of autonomy during her recovery. With her regular attendance, her perseverance and her openness, she has succeeded in overcoming the obstacles that she found on her way.

Our laureate has recently gone back to work as a cook and waitress in a care centre for people with intellectual disabilities and studies part time at university in sociology. She also trains regularly for a half-marathon. Tamara owes her recovery to her great courage and tenacity and we wish her much success in her future projects.


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