Raise $8 million for mental health in Quebec: the inspiring goal of MAI-DAY

15 May 2024

Initiated by Jean-François Lacasse, mental health speaker and creator of the MAYDAY, M’AIDER universe, “MAI-DAY” is a promising initiative for mental health in Quebec, and above all, a collective dream to raise $8 million to support the missions of 5 foundations/organizations:

  • CAP santé mentale (loved ones)
  • CERVO Foundation (research)
  • Fondation de l’Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal (clinical research, care and recovery)
  • Fondation Jeunes en Tête (youth)
  • Persévérance entrepreneuriale (support for entrepreneurs)

During this campaign, which will run for three weeks starting May 6, 2024, the people of Quebec are invited to contribute to the cause in any way they can! “We are more than 8 million Quebecers. If everyone gives $1, it’s mission accomplished,” says Jean-François.

You too can contribute to MAI-DAY
and spread the word!


To round off the campaign in style, Jean-François is preparing the very first mental health WEBothon in Quebec history! The event will take place online on Friday, May 24, for 18 hours, starting at 06:00!

On the program: inspiring interviews, expert panels, musicians, comedians and lots of other great people to celebrate our collective effort.


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To help him get the message across and achieve his goal, Jean-François has surrounded himself with a whole crew:

Manon Paquette aka “Phoenix”, the project’s relationship manager. This exceptional leader has solid experience in organizing major events, both here and in Europe. Her ability to quickly infect you with her smile and caring magnetism makes every interaction a unique and rewarding experience.

Jean-Sebastien Boudreault aka “Rainbow”, the control tower reference. He and Jean-François attended Laval University’s Faculty of Law together in the mid-90s. A lawyer, podcast host, occasional radio commentator and seasoned manager, he has many years’ experience in organizing large-scale events, including Fierté Montréal.

nathan fortin.ツ a.k.a. “Nova Star”, an invaluable asset to operations and animation on “D” day. Well-known on social media for human interconnectedness, his “Dans ma face!” podcast and his invisible autism, he will bring a unique perspective to the initiative. Nathan is a great popularizer with a big heart. A few years ago, he launched “SmileMovement”, a project aimed at promoting smiles through positive action in the community.


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