Ambulatory Team

18 October 2016

Our crisis resolution team accompanies clients during their recovery.

Our goal is to offer hope to those people to whom we provide help and to give them back the will to live.

The Foundation has supported people for whom it has been extremely difficult to retake control of their lives and who have been unable to fulfill their own basic needs. These are the success stories of people who were able to get hold of themselves and look to the future with hope.

Mrs. Gagnon (an assumed name) had tried to commit suicide. At 60 years of age, she no longer had a place of her own and found herself in the streets. The Foundation helped her move her personal belongings into an apartment that she should be able to pay and where she will feel good about herself. She has regained hope and started living again.

Mr. Caron (an assumed name) lived alone in his apartment for many years with a psychotic decompensation. He was hardly eating anything and had difficulty moving around because of problems with his feet. Thanks to the Foundation, we were able to take care of his basic needs while he took the time to regain control over his life and to find strategies to take care of himself. At one time or another, we can all lose our way.  Thanks to the Foundation for offering this glimmer of hope that will allow a phoenix to rise again.


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