Janine Casimir

18 October 2016

I coordinate a team of professionals who work in the community with young people 18 years and older with live at home and suffer from a mental health disorder. What led me to work in mental health was the passion. I always knew that I wanted to work in psychiatry because that was the field where I felt I could make a difference.

The idea behind my project is to get young people to change their lives. To do so, it takes a lot of listening, patience and understanding. I always consider these people as individuals in their own right and I see potential in all of them. In general, you know that everyone will have highs and lows but you really have to take that into consideration when caring for people with a mental health disorder because they are so fragile emotionally.  

When they listen to what we have to say and they realize that we are there for them, that makes all the difference. We see the changes taking place and it is heartwarming to see the progress they are making. I truly hope that this will continue and that we go even further to help these people who all too often do not have access to the resources they need when they require help.


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