Serguei L.

18 October 2016

Normal people are unable to understand what schizophrenia really is. It is hard to know what really goes on inside the head of someone who has hallucinations on a regular basis and who hears voices. This explains why people like me are marginalised and cast aside.

However, schizophrenia is not an end in-and-of itself. The rehabilitation process is long and difficult. The possibilities of pulling through and feeling better appear so illusory. Learning how to live with a serious mental health disorder is a never-ending challenge, but with help and willpower, it is possible to pull through.

To stop trying is probably the biggest mistake you can make. If you don’t want to pull through, no-one will be able to help you. However, once you accept the support that is offered, anything becomes possible.

The support of the Foundation, the Institute and of the people who work there has been vital throughout my recovery. Without the support of the team looking after me, I might not actually be here today. The people who cared for me always believed in my potential. Slowly but surely, all the activities I took part in during my stay in hospital gave me my confidence back. I realized that I am truly able to devote my efforts to a particular project and be true to the commitments I made. For the first time in my life, I felt proud of myself. 

Without the help of others, I would have never found the willpower to return to the classroom and finish high school. I would also have never found the courage to find and live in my own apartment.

These days, I am finally able to find some inner peace and serenity.


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